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Our Arborist Services in Melbourne

Tree Removals

There are certain times when there is no other option but to remove a tree. This can be for a many reasons, and often it is safer for the tree to be removed than to leave it in an unsafe condition.

We provide a full tree removal service across greater Melbourne and our team have many years of experience in removing tree in many complex situations. If you require a tree to be removed in your property or commercial space, contact our team of tree experts today!

We have all the machinery, skill, and expertise to safely and efficiently remove trees off of your property.

Tree Removals Melbourne
Stump Removal Melbourne

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps can not only be an eyesore on your property, but they can also be a trip hazard.  Nobody really wants a big tree stump, ruing the look of your garden.

Tree stumps can often be a breeding ground for many pests, as they love building their homes in an old tree stump.

To avoid all of these issues, call us today for our tree stump removal services.

We have the knowledge and equipment require to safely and efficiently remove your stumps.

Tree Cutting

Trees can often become overgrown and become hazards as they hang over power lines and buildings. Just like humans require haircuts, trees often require some maintenance and cutting. Sometime this is a small task, and often it can be more substantial. 

For safety reason’s tree cutting is something that is best undertaken by professionals. Our team have all the knowledge and equipment required for tree cutting jobs, both large and small. Call us today for off of your tree cutting needs.

Tree Cutting Melbourne

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Tree Pruning Melbourne

Tree Pruning

A grown-up tree may invade your space or pose a potential danger to you or your property. You certainly don’t want it, so what to do? This is where our tree pruning services come in to save the day!

Numerous reports of tree branches suddenly breaking and falling on roofs or crashing through windows are common in Melbourne. This happens when an overgrown tree is maintained without necessary care and effort, which has mostly to do with trimming and pruning.

When the weather conditions are favourable, trees tend to thrive and grow faster than other seasons throughout the year. If you have a tree that is starting to raise concerns, call us right away for reliable tree pruning services.

Hedge Trimming

What’s the difference between Hedge trimming and tree pruning? Which one should I have? These are common questions we get from clients who can’t differentiate these two services apart. While trimming and pruning services share their similarities, they work well in different applications.

Simply put, hedge/tree trimming is an ideal service for you when you want to lightly cut off a few branches here and there just to make the trees on your property look more presentable and less bulky. On the other hand, tree pruning is more in-depth as it necessitates the removal of whole branches.

Our In house experts are always keen to encourage our clients to trim and prune their trees regularly throughout the year. Note that pruning is meant to eliminate misplaced branches while trimming aims to allow for better growth.

Hedge Trimming Melbourne
Tree Shaping Melbourne

Tree Shaping

Firm believers in first impressions stop at nothing to make their spaces look exquisite at all times. Want to put your best foot forward when it comes to your exteriors? If yes, you’ll love the huge transformation we can bring in, all thanks to our unparalleled tree shaping services.

We use trendy machines and tools to shape your trees to complement your property. Without shapingtrimming, or pruning, a tree tends to appear unkempt and uncomfortably bulky. We can shape your shrubs, hedges, and trees to take up different attractive shapes that leave everyone in awe.

Trust us to shape all your trees to look their best. Given our rich background in tree care and maintenance, we can manage your trees in tip-top shape. While we aim to make your space look the part, we are also keen to remove dead twigs and infected branches in the process of shaping. We can provide the best tree shaping services and expert Arborist Services in Melbourne.

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Possum Guarding

Possums are intriguing animals but only when you are watching them on TV. Not so much when they are burrowing holes inside trees or underground, wreaking havoc on your property. True, possums are a crucial factor in the ecosystem equation.

Possums tend to invade your spaces, eat low hanging fruits from the trees, destroy flowers from your garden, damage roofs, and in worse cases destroying native trees. You cannot kill or detain possums as they are legally protected under the law.

Your best management option is to install preventative measures to keep possums from invading your property in the first place. We offer low-cost possum guarding solutions to both commercial and residential property owners. Our services are built to keep possums and other destructive animals from accessing your property and destroying your trees.

Strategically placing clear polycarbonate collars around your trees safely protects against possum access and destruction.

Possum Guarding Melbourne
Tree Planting Melbourne

Tree Planting

Having spent years living or working in the same place, your space can look slightly monotonous and boring. While you can do renovations to change how your properties’ interiors appear, you also want to switch things up outside for an overall new look.

Tree planting is an excellent idea whenever you want to change how your exteriors appear completely. What’s more, you kill two birds with one stone. Not only does your property look magazine-worthy, but once the trees are fully grown, they can significantly increase the value of your property.

Part of our tree planting service comes with crucial advice from our arborists, such as where to plant your trees, the best ways to manage your trees for best results, and which best varieties to grow depending on your landscape and budget.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Owing to overgrowth, aging, disease, decay, poor pruning, compromised rooting system, and myriad other factors, trees can end up splitting or cracking. In some cases, trees may develop poor branching trends or produce fruits that are heavier than usual, which may contribute to 

risk for structural failure and eventual destruction of a tree.

If left unchecked, weak areas develop, which results in large branches, trunks, or whole trees breaking and crushing towards the ground. To keep trees from failing due to the aforementioned structural issues, cabling and bracing techniques are used to help amend problems or to hold the affected tree parts together.

Cables placed strategically can allow heavy tree branches to become stable and redistribute the weight to offer more support. On the other hand, bracing rods come in handy when you want to keep splitting limbs or trunks from splitting even further. This technique involves the use of rods and cables to offer extra support. We have a team of experienced arborists who are well trained to save seemingly unsalvageable trees, all thanks to our renowned cabling and bracing services.

Tree Bracing Melbourne

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Do you need a tree professional in Melbourne?

Any property owner, whether commercial or residential, knows the true value of trees. However, while trees adorn your space with their enchanting beauty, there are separate occasions when can be a nuisance. Talk of tree branches tampering with the power lines or hanging dangerously over your roof; at one point or another, you will need to find ways to enjoy your trees without compromising your safety and wellbeing.

……..And this is where we come in.

We are here, at your service to trimpruneshapecut, or even plant trees on your property. We offer a wide array of Arborist Services in Melbourne, all tailor-made to meet all property owners’ demands across Melbourne. Whatever help you need with your trees, we are only a phone call away. Turn to us for expert, fast, and precise tree care services.

Arborist Melbourne

Who We Are

We are a renowned tree care and maintenance company that has provided expert Arborist Services in Melbourne for over a decade now. Led by a close-knit team of experienced arborists, trees have become second nature to us. Every member of our team of tree specialists has grown and lived in Melbourne. They know all too well what to look for and how to address common tree issues property owners here grapple with.

We offer clients the highest quality of tree care consultation and tree care services, which we approach on a case-by-case basis. We will do the job right. If our track record is anything to go by, we are the right people to handle all your concerns on all matters trees.

Still skeptical? A quick internet search will let you in on what you are set to gain by choosing to work with us. What with hundreds of positive reviews and recommendations, there’s no doubt that we are, indeed, a cut above the rest.

Arborist Melbourne

Why We Stand Out?

Our doors are ever open to anyone who needs a hand with their trees. Whether yours is a big project or a small one, trust that we are always eager to take the inconvenience off of your hands.

We stand out because our goal is to offer state-of-the-art services that will guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction. We do not cut corners. While we have all it takes to complete both compact and bulky projects in a very short time, we can extend our stay and provide comprehensive care for your trees whenever the need arises.

No doubt, we are a cut above the rest. Here are more reasons why, with us, you can never go wrong.

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We work tirelessly each day on individual projects aiming to deliver pure gold. All the services listed above are carefully designed to satisfy all your demands. Quality client interaction and service provision is what we aim for every time we embark on a project.

Having built a bulletproof reputation, we realize that we owe our best to Melbourne property owners and managers. A responsibility that forces us to up our game and develop new ways to solve common tree problems and handle clients’ issues.

We have a vivid dream about how Melbourne should look like. In this dream, we believe that our part, albeit small, has everything to do with acknowledging that it is our job to contribute towards preserving nature. How we do that is by offering valuable tree care and maintenance services along with priceless advice on how well our clients can look after their trees.

Beyond that, we strictly observe the set rules and guidelines by the relevant authorities charged with the conservation of trees and the environment. Our love for trees goes beyond mere profession. We want to see trees thrive after being handled responsibly whenever the need arises.

Looking for Arborist Services in Melbourne? Don’t know where to start? How about give us a call and let us handle the rest?

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Blake Williams
Blake Williams
The top of a 15m tall tree in our backyard died off suddenly, so we called them for advice. They came round that day to assess the tree and discuss our options. We decided to prune rather than remove it - not a small job - but one the team managed with ease, despite the average weather. We were VERY impressed
Roy Clevenger
Roy Clevenger
The crew recently visited our property to remove silky oaks and a couple of other trees. Access is difficult as I have a big shed and the kids cubby house directly under the trees and the guys took great care and nothing was damaged. Highly recommend and will definitely use again..
Kevin Opatz
Kevin Opatz
We have used the team on three occasions during the past twelve months and all times the teams they sent have been professional, highly skilled and respectful of the area they were working in. Their ability to fell huge trees in what seems a short amount of time is something to see. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services, especially for tricky jobs these guys know their stuff.
Charles Armstrong
Charles Armstrong
We called these guys, needing trees/branches that were endangering our power lines, trimmed and cut back. The guys arrived on time, were friendly and professional and I was very pleased with the finished result. We would highly recommend the team, and we were grateful for their prompt response to our situation.
James Thomas
James Thomas
I absolutely recommend these guys. I have used them for tree removal, and stump grinding. They communicate when they were coming and turned up on time, the workers were very polite, did the job quickly, cleaned up after themselves. Cost was also lower than I had expected. I can't recommend this awesome team highly enough. Both my neighbours will be getting them to help with removals as well.
Logan Bates
Logan Bates
We have just had a number of large trees and several smaller ones removed by the team, as well as some very tall and tricky situated palms around my dental clinic. We were most appreciative of the amazing work done by the team and working to deadline and times. Most importantly, they were respectful of the business and my clients.
Cooper Spring
Cooper Spring
Extremely competitive price, great service and great communication. We’ve definitely found our go-to tree removal guys that I will use from now on. No-nonsense, quoted promptly and competitively and got the job done with no mess, no danger and no worries. We’re so happy, I've given my neighbours their number with high recommendations too......
Karl Zimmerman
Karl Zimmerman
Very professional,knowledgeable and timely. Explained the process and answered my questions with patience and consideration. Left the yard tidy and a satisfied customer who would use their services again.
Matthew Jordan
Matthew Jordan
We had an awesome experience with Arborists Melbourne. The quote process was easy and they were so accommodating . The team arrived on time and they did a great job. I highly recommend.

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