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Some trees are too precious to lose. Our team has modern, powerful tools to install appropriate cable and bracing in Melbourne to help hold tree stumps and branches together for more robust and continued growth.

After a storm, trees can take a beating, trying to stand their ground. More often than not, your trees incur damage that could render them significantly weak and unstable. If left unchecked, this could lead to breakage and, in worse cases, tree death.

Other reasons that may lead to trees developing structural damage include overgrowth, ageing, disease, decay, poor pruning, compromised rooting system, and myriad other factors. We offer cable and bracing in Melbourne to protect a tree from death, extensive weakness or breakage.

Common signs that you need cable and bracing in Melbourne is when your trees end up splitting or cracking. In some cases, trees may develop poor branching trends or produce much heavier fruits than usual. These are factors that may risk a tree’s well-being by causing structural failure and eventual destruction of a tree.

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What You Should Know About Cable and Bracing

Owing to overgrowth, ageing, disease, decay, poor pruning, compromised rooting system, and myriad other factors, trees can end up splitting or cracking. If left unchecked, weak areas develop, which results in large branches, trunks, or whole trees breaking and crushing to the ground.

Cabling and bracing techniques help amend problems or hold the affected tree parts together to prevent trees from falling.

Cables placed strategically can allow heavy tree branches to become stable and redistribute the weight to offer more support. On the other hand, bracing rods come in handy when you want to keep splitting limbs or trunks from breaking even further. This technique involves the use of rods and cables to offer extra support.

We have a team of experienced arborists who are well trained to save seemingly unsalvageable trees, all thanks to our renowned cabling and bracing services.

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How to Find the Best Cable and Bracing Contractor

The structural integrity of a tree can be compromised when a tree has excessively heavy canopies, has recently endured harsh weather, has experienced significant storm damage or is showing signs of weakness as a result of independent growth.

A good sign that your trees need cabling and bracing is when the tree branches appear to be drooping or when the tree is abnormally bent towards one side. If you suspect or think that your tree is suffering from structural integrity, contact us right away for reliable cabling or bracing in Melbourne.

Wondering who to trust with your upcoming cabling and bracing project? Some of the qualities of good cable and bracing, Melbourne contractor include:

Well Equipped

Installing cabling and bracing on a tree must be one of the most mentally and physically tasking jobs that tree experts and arborists have to undertake. Thanks to advancement in technology, there are new, state of the art machines that make cabling and bracing as easy as one, two, and three.

We have modern tools and machines that make our service more precise besides enabling us to save valuable time.


From the moment you make initial contact to the moment we will shake hands upon finishing the service, you will experience nothing short of true professionalism. We are ever ready to answer your questions, we keep updating you on the progress and allow you to inspect the results to establish whether what we deliver meets your demands.

Safe and Effective

No doubt, cabling and bracing services should only be left to the experts. A ton of risks to human life and property is always a possibility. The lack of experience, skill and knowledge of how it’s done can end up in disaster. Having considered all the factors, we are keen on establishing all the safety measures to guarantee effective cabling and bracing services.

Licensed and Insured

We have the necessary licenses proving our credibility and authenticity as tree service experts. We also understand that ours is a risky business where accidents are likely to occur. If any damage or injury occur while in the line of work, we are adequately insured to cover for damages and expenses.

Get in Touch

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