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Do you find it hard to keep your exteriors looking attractive and tidy? Cleanliness is one thing, but when your lawn, landscaping or general outer spaces appear unkempt, you may as well save yourself the trouble. But don’t give up yet; there’s a proven and tested method that will give your space renewed vibrance you seek with such vengeance. Enter hedge trimming.

It isn’t easy to pass by a home or a commercial space in Melbourne that doesn’t have a few young plants and hedges close by. But how many take the health and look of their hedges seriously? Hedges are thought to be plants that can look after themselves. They don’t grow too fast, neither do they pose much threat like larger trees do.

However, if you properly look after your hedges, you can transform an otherwise dull-looking and unkempt space into a crisp, clean and magazine-worthy space. Are you searching for a tree service expert to help manage and maintain your hedges? Well, search no more. We are here to save the day. Call us for top-notch hedge trimming in Melbourne.

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What We Can Do for You

Never underestimate the power of hedges. Hedges, as insignificant as they seem, can either make or break the appearance of your space. We come in to make sure that hedges, albeit tiny compared to the larger taller trees, are not wreaking havoc on your property.

We ensure that the hedges are planted correctly and do not obstruct any vehicle or pedestrian routes. We offer comprehensive hedge trimming services to complement the flowers, trees, and shrubs on your space and assist in shaping your hedges and promoting healthy growth. With regular hedge trimming, you will notice that they are denser.

Our capable arborists are also keen on offering reliable advice on the best ways and options to consider to beautify your grounds. Different hedge varieties have varying trimming demands. We tell you how to go about growing and maintaining these hedges without flaunting the set environmental laws.

We also prescribe the right hedge trimming and maintenance option while considering the age and location of the hedges on your property. We also look at other trees and shrubs present and try to create an attractive and uniform look. Note that there are two main types of hedge trimming services. For older hedges, we trim to maintain a particular size and to shape them into neat patterns. For younger hedges, on the other hand, we trim to provide structural support while simultaneously laying a solid foundation for the plants to thrive. 

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Hedge Trimming V Tree Pruning

What’s the difference between Hedge trimming and tree pruning? Do I need one if I just had the other? These are common questions we get from clients who can’t quite tell the two services apart. While trimming and pruning services share their similarities, they work well in different applications.

Simply put, hedge/tree trimming is an ideal service for you when you want to lightly cut off a few branches here and there just to make the trees on your property look more presentable and less bulky. Tree pruning, on the other hand, is more in-depth as it necessitates the removal of whole branches.

Our In house experts are always keen to encourage our clients to perform trim and prune their trees regularly throughout the year. Note that pruning is meant to get rid of misplaced branches while trimming aims to allow for better growth. Contact us for bespoke hedge trimming services in Melbourne.

Extra Perks

The whole point of hedge trimming is to make your space look neater. But if other areas still need further cleaning, then the trimming hedges is only half the work done. So with a slight adjustment in prices, you can get a full hedge trimming service that includes:

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You have access to reliable tree services that you can bank on. What with extensive knowledge on arboriculture we know what every hedge needs and how to meet those needs. Our arborists are fully qualified and always at your service.

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