How Tree Cabling and Bracing Can Help to Preserve Your Melbourne Trees

Trees are precious for so many reasons. When trees have developed some poor structure, it is still possible to avoid removing them by using tree cabling and bracing Melbourne.

Engineers and arborists use steel cables and bracing rods to reinforce brittle branches, prevent the limbs from moving unnecessarily, and decrease structural and internal stress on the trees. Trees supported by proper cabling and bracing can withstand harsh weather as they are provided with the necessary support for their healthy development and sturdy survival.

Many species of endangered trees may benefit from cabling and bracing to help maintain their structural integrity. You may use tree cabling and bracing Melbourne to handle the following growth issues in trees:

Tree Bracing Melbourne


When the tree has U-shaped branches

For trees with a prominent U-shaped trunk, it is not uncommon for the weight of its canopy to cause cracking and breaking of its branches. This kind of damage is more probable during extreme weather conditions. A standard recommendation from arborists is to use cabling and bracing to rebalance the weight of such a tree and reduce the risk of limb damage.


When the tree has split trunks

If a vertical trunk fracture is caused by storm damage or structural stress, placing cabling and bracing may assist avoid the failure of the tree and promote its normal development. Act with a sense of urgency, though, as you may be forced to remove the crack if you don’t intervene quickly enough to preserve it.


When the tree is leaning too much

While a minor natural lean on a tree usually is not a cause for concern, arborists may recommend tree cabling and bracing Melbourne in the case of a more severe angle of lean. It’s the same with a leaning tree trunk following a strong storm; however certain trees may need to be removed.


When the tree is uprooted

Arborists almost always recommend tree removal when a storm knocks down a tree to the ground. However, in certain circumstances, the trunk can be relocated and supported in its place by cabling and bracing until its root system has recovered enough to offer adequate trunk support.


When the tree has multiple trunks

The branches of trees with several trunks often collapse because of the imbalanced weight distribution. Arborists may recommend tree cabling and bracing Melbourne to sustain the structure, promote healthy development, and prevent the tree from bowing to the ground.

If You Care About Preserving Trees

In some instances, cabling and bracing will not be enough, and it is necessary to remove a tree to prevent further damage. It is not always possible to rescue trees that have been uprooted or have a substantial lean or split using cables and bracing, and certain trees with extensive fissures covering the main stem are no exception.

Whether tree preservation or removal is the best course of action for the threatened trees on your Melbourne property, we can provide you with the right advice you need as you make your decision. It’s our responsibility as professional arborists to study and identify whether putting tree cabling and bracing Melbourne is a good idea. If so, our crew can get the work done effectively and at a reasonable price.

As a leading tree service provider in Melbourne, we lead the industry in providing sensible, cost-effective solutions. Contact or visit our office today to arrange a no-cost tree preservation (or removal) consultation.

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