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A possum climbing up and down your trees can send a shiver down your spine. For many, this seemingly harmless animal is every property owner’s worst nightmare. Possums are intriguing animals but only when you are watching them on TV. Not so much when they are burrowing holes inside trees or underground, wreaking havoc on your property. True, possums are a crucial factor in the ecosystem equation.

Possums tend to invade your spaces, eat low hanging fruits from the trees, destroy flowers from your garden, damage roofs, wreak insulation, and in worse cases destroying native trees. Despite how destructive and annoyingly noisy possums are, you cannot kill or detain possums as they are legally protected under the law.

Your best management option is to install preventative measures to keep possums from invading your property in the first place. We offer low-cost possum guarding solutions to both commercial and residential property owners. Our services are designed to keep possums and other destructive animals from accessing your property and destroying your trees.

Here’s more about our possum guarding Melbourne services.

Possum Guarding Melbourne

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What you Can Expect From Us

Possums are cute and all fluffy when you see them in the wild. But when they make your favourite tree the best spot to play, scratch and grind, pee and go for long calls, suddenly, you don’t like them very much. Possums are a danger not only to your trees but to your home as well. We come in to put in measures to protect your trees and get rid of possums once and for all.  

When you call us for possum guarding solutions, here’s how we handle your case.

Initial Inspection

We come in with our van full of equipment to make sure we look for all the possible locations on all the trees on your property where possums could hide. Once we identify the affected trees, we go on to mark them.

Close Out All Entry Points

As an added advantage of working with us, we not only aim to install possum guarding on your trees, we also look for the possible entry points and routes for these animals and close them off.

Possum Removal

Should we suspect that possums are hiding in your trees, we make a move to extract them first before installing the guarding. We don’t kill them or harm them in any way. Instead, we release them into the wild far away from your property where they won’t cause any more destruction.

Identify the Extent of Damage, If Any

You must admit that there’s no use of placing possum guarding on a tree that’s too damaged and can barely stand on its own. If the tree can be salvaged, we can install cable and bracing to offer structural support. But if the tree has no hope of making it, we may have no choice, but to cut it down.

Install Protective Measures

We offer highly effective possum guarding solutions to keep your trees safe from invasion by possums and other destructive animals. 

We install protective measures by strategically placing clear polycarbonate collars around your trees safely protects against possum access. With the collars in place, possums try in vain to climb up the tree only to fall back down and try countless times again. Eventually, a tired possum will give up and move on elsewhere to a different property where the trees have no possum guarding.

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Why We Are the Best for the Job

Wondering what sets us apart from others offering the same possum guarding services? Here’s why we are, indeed, a cut above the rest.

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All the services listed above are carefully designed to satisfy all your demands. We work each day tirelessly on individual projects aiming to deliver pure gold. Quality client interaction and service provision is what we strive for every time we embark on a project. 

We strictly observe the set rules and guidelines by the relevant authorities charged with the conservation of trees and the environment. Our love for trees goes beyond mere profession. We want to see trees thrive after being handled responsibly whenever the need arises.

Are you looking for possum guarding in Melbourne? Don’t know where to start? How about give us a call and let us handle the rest?  

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