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Tree Management Planning Across Melbourne

With over 4.9 million people, Melbourne is a city where human development is likely to butt heads with trees. Tree management planning here comes in to bring order and balance between the two.

Melbourne boasts over 75,000 trees, which are valued at an estimated cost of $800 million. No doubt, trees are essential assets that adorn and make the city beautiful. It’s no wonder everyone wants to either live in or visit Melbourne. Ever wonder why Melbourne stays cool despite being a coastal city? Thank the trees.

With careful tree management planning in Melbourne, the city enjoys reduced pollution, a healthy eco-system, and cool fresh air. We take pride in being the number one choice for property owners across Melbourne who want their trees professionally cared for by expert arborists. We boast loads of experience in healthy urban forest maintenance, management, and planning.

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Why Tree Management Planning Is Important

In the face of global warming, temperatures are rising drastically, which threatens the survival of certain wildlife species and greenery, including native trees. Blame it all on the conflict between humans and the eco-system. Tree management planning in Melbourne comes in to;

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Why Urban Tree Management Planning Should Matter To You

Not only will expert management planning make your city beautiful, but it also maintains and elevates the value of your property. If you are in the real estate business, own a residential or commercial property in Melbourne, then urban tree management planning should matter to you.

No one wants to live in, visit, shop, or own a business in a city that looks pale, bare, and unattractive. But thanks to effective tree management planning in Melbourne, you get to enjoy far more favorable surroundings.

So what happens in the absence of tree management planning? Increased pollution, unsafe water for drinking, increased reports of human-wildlife conflict, increased temperatures, limited rainfall, to mention but a few of the adverse effects that happen when the trees aren’t cared for or looked after.

Benefits of Trees

To understand why tree management planning in Melbourne is essential, you must know why you need to protect the trees in the first place. Some of the crucial roles trees play here include;


Environmental benefits

Carbon storage, shade, air pollution removalhabitat for wildlifewind abatement, healthy soil, stormwater filtration, and control, urban cooling, reduced floods, and manage urban heat due to the island effect.

Ecological benefits

Insect control, pollination, seed dispersal, improved eco-systems, and buffer for pollution.

Economic benefits

Energy savings, increased productivity and creativity, tourism, and increased land value

Human benefits

Play and learning, tourism, shade and comfort, space for social gatherings, improved health and well-being, relaxation, and cultural/spiritual value

Where We Come In

Due to the increased need for development, urban areas tend to struggle to maintain nature. Some trees have to be removed to make way for more roads, buildings, and other types of construction.

Ours is to mitigate between the two to bring balance. Who said that trees and urban development couldn’t go hand in hand? Melbourne is proof enough that the two factors can work simultaneously.

 We can offer you tree management plans that maintain the overall health of your trees. Here, we address disease prevention issues, furnish you with details about the requirements of tree planting for new seedlings, encourage proper pruning techniques, and so on.

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With a vast range of tree care services and solutions, we know just what you need if you are experiencing issues with your trees. Our highly skilled and experienced arborists can provide crucial information for you if you manage schools, want to clear sites for construction, or eliminate threat caused by intrusive trees.

We boast years of experience working together with the local councils and other government facilities. Looking for qualified experts in tree management planning in Melbourne? Contact us today and let us forge a way forward.

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