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There’s more to tree planting than placing a seedling in the ground. Trees can be very delicate, especially in their early stages of growth. Building a solid foundation for the tree has a lot to do with the soil conditions, tree variety, and more. If the conditions prove inadequate, the growth and longevity of the tree could be significantly compromised.

The Good thing; you don’t have to worry about the tidbits of tree planting and growth. With us by your side, you have access to experienced arborists whose job is to assess and consider all the factors for optimum tree health and growth.

Before choosing the best trees to plant on your property, we look at soil conditions and available space. We also consider the weather conditions and study more about pests and diseases prevalent in the region. With us, the right tree goes in its perfect spot.

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Finding the Right Trees to Plant

Finding the right tree isn’t quite as easy as it seems when it comes down to choosing. However, our highly skilled arborists are ever available to take the burden off of your shoulders. They can guide you through the process from the onset to the end. With us, you have plenty of information to go by, from tree selection to tree planting.

The goal is to help you choose a tree that thrives and beats all odds to thrive. In the long run, your surroundings will gradually transform to enhance your property’s general appearance and value.

When it comes to choosing trees, a lot of factors come into play. What do you prefer? What are you planting the trees for? What are your expectations? 

We are here to help. Contact us now for answers to any burning questions on Tree Planting, Melbourne.

Tree Planting Melbourne

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Why You Should Choose Indigenous Trees over Exotic Trees

Would you plant a palm tree when you live deep in the countryside? Nope! The poor tree wouldn’t stand a chance of survival. Non-native (exotic) trees don’t stand up well against local pests, harsh weather conditions, and other unfavourable factors.

It works in your favour to plant trees that are native to your area. This allows the tree to thrive and yield the expected results irrespective of why you are planting the tree.
Some of the benefits of planting native trees on your property include:

How Much Does Tree Planting, Melbourne Cost?

Tree planting costs are set on a case-by-case basis. Remember, different people needing tree planting in Melbourne have different demands. We consider certain factors before offering you an estimate showing how much our tree planting in Melbourne would cost you. They include:

Size of the tree

Larger bulky trees are labor-intensive and therefore cost more to plant.

The time it would take us to complete the tree planting project

Planting one or two trees costs far less than planting hundreds of trees across acres and acres of land.

How many people (crew) will be needed to help with the project?

The more people it would take to handle your project, the more it would cost to facilitate the tree planting service.

What equipment will be used?

In some cases, special equipment may be needed in the planting process, which may force an increase in costs


How far is it to your location? Considering fuel costs and the risk it would take to ferry our equipment to your location, you may end up paying less or more in service costs.

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The tree planting process is an intensively complex practice where all the factors have to be considered. Overlooking one small thing could be the mistake that compromises the successful tree growth after completing the tree planting process.

Our arborists always advise property owners and managers to seek professional assistance whenever they are looking to plant trees. The right assistance is something that many don’t take seriously here. Choosing cheap labor or doing it yourself only works against you and your trees in the long run.

We have the skill, expertise, workforce, special equipment, licenses, and certifications required to guarantee you the best results when it comes to tree planting in Melbourne. What’s more, you’ll find no one else out there who can beat our prices.

Call us now, and let’s talk more about how we can be of assistance.

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