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Without stringent laws to monitor tree removal, there wouldn’t be a single tree left standing in Melbourne. To protect trees from unnecessary removal, the relevant authorities tasked with the preservation of the environment have set rules that require property owners to seek permission first whenever they are looking to remove trees from their property.

Trees add such beauty to your spaces but owing to several valid reasons, a tree needs to be removed. Poor health, compromised aesthetics, and threatened safety are some of the general reasons you may want to remove a tree. Speak of a dead tree that’s breaking down limb by limb, an overgrown tree, the need to erect a new structure are only a few of the many reasons you may need to seek tree removal permit in Melbourne. This before you contact us for tree removal services.

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How You Apply for a Tree Removal Permit in Melbourne

Note that while everyone is free to apply for a permit, the governmental authorities tasked with the protection and preservation of trees reserves the right to either approve or deny your request. The key to getting your tree removal permit approved is to meet all the set review factors and standards before sending in the application.

How do you know what the set rules are? Call and check with your local authority. They can tell you which tree species and varieties need permits before removal, and which types of trees do not. If, for example, a tree is healthy, there’s a high chance you may be denied permission to remove it. Unless, of course, you can convince the authorities, after which you will be required to pay the facility charges after approval.

Here is a step by step process on how you can apply for a tree removal permit in Melbourne.

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Why Do You Need a Tree Removal Permit in Melbourne?

With more and more constructions coming up, the government realized that the naïve trees are slowly becoming less and less due to rampant removal. To protect the heritage, allow for a balanced ecosystem, and to keep all trees from being removed in Melbourne, the local councils were entrusted with upholding rules that regulate the care and protection of trees.

Note that different local councils have different tree removal rules. However, one thing stands, the local council reserves the right to bar tree removal irrespective of whether yours is private or public land.

Some of the highly protected tree species include,

  • Pacific Dogwood
  • Douglas Fir
  • Oregon White Oak
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Big Leaf Maple
  • Pacific Madrone
  • Pacific Yew

This list of trees has a high heritage value. Disclosing that you want the above list of trees removed due to mild disease, inconvenience, or to make way for new construction is not a valid enough reason. This means that your tree removal permit, Melbourne, will, most likely, be denied.

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Valid Reasons for Removing a Tree

Different people have varying reasons for removing a tree off of their property. Some of the valid reasons you can give for wanting to do away with a particular tree or trees include:

Insect infestation or serious disease

 The leading cause of tree death is disease, and destruction from insects and pests. Seeing as the tree will die anyway, there’s no need for the council to deny your application.

Visible cracks on the main tree trunk

 Due to harsh weather, trees tend to develop structural issues. Storms, in particular, are the number one culprits behind tree trunk damage. To avoid the risk of damage to nearby structures, your tree removal permit, Melbourne, will be approved.

Tree leaning dangerously on one side

Due to one reason or another, a tree may change its growth trajectory leaning more to one side instead of growing upwards. If this poses a danger to human life by coming too close to a house, then you have a valid reason to remove the tree.

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