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Some artists use paint and brushes to make breathtaking pieces of art. Other artists manipulate tree limbs and stumps to make mind-blowingly beautiful patterns and shapes. But how can one bend and twist a tree to create whatever form they want out of a tree? Enter our Tree Shaping services, Melbourne.

Tree shaping is a technique that uses live trees as a tool to create beautiful structures or works of art. There are various techniques tree enthusiasts use to mold trees into the desired shapes. One technique that stands out, however, is the topiary tree shaping technique.

This method involves clipping twigs and foliage of trees or shrubs to maintain or develop a particular shape. Common tree shaping works are where hedges can be manipulated to make walls, screens, or boundaries from fanciful or geometric patterns.

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What is tree shaping?

Where Did Tree Shaping Come From? Tree shaping has existed for hundreds of years. There’s plenty of evidence to prove that tree shaping has existed from as early as the 16th century. Many cultures all over the world have practice tree shaping. With more people looking for more ingenious ways to enhance their spaces, tree shaping is slowly emerging as a viable practice for property owners who have a creative streak and a distinct love for nature.

A widely recognized tree shaping artist, Axel Erlandson, using his creative tree shaping works, brought a seemingly forgotten art back into the limelight. He favored the distinct inosculation technique, which incorporated natural grafting to achieve different results. Thanks to Erlandson, you can view various tree shaping works and even learn the other methods. Talk of magnificent archways, gazebos, domes, and so on.      

While past techniques may have been relatively simple, they presented enchanting works of art witnessed around holy places like temples, palaces, and other cultural and historic sites. Today tree shaping techniques have developed in leaps and bounds where people can adorn their private spaces will all kinds of intriguing tree shapes and designs.

Tree Shaping Melbourne

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Tree Shaping Melbourne

We haven’t been left behind. Having worked for years with and around trees, we know just how to carefully train trees to turn yours into captivating pieces of art. Our arborists are incredibly talented and well versed in matters tree shaping. Here, we manipulate live tree branches, trunks, or roots by bending, twisting, ring barking, braiding, creasing, grafting, weaving, and pruning to achieve unnatural patterns, shapes, and structures.

We mainly practice three methods of Tree Shaping in Melbourne. They include:

Gradual Tree Shaping, Melbourne

Gradual tree shaping begins when the tree is at the seedling stage. Usually, we install a particular frame design meant to provide support and pattern for the growing tree. As the tree grows, you can bend or twist it along different paths on your frame to create a catchy design.

This process takes two or more years to complete, but the end result is always an eye stopper.

Aeroponic Culture Tree Shaping, Melbourne

While most tree shaping processes target the branches and trunk of a tree to make patterns and designs, this process targets the tree’s roots. The aeroponic culture tree shaping method begins by growing a tree outside of the ground in conditions where the tree can continue to grow while at the same time giving us access to the roots of a tree. The manipulation of roots continues up to a certain point where the roots are long enough, and the pattern is clearly visible.

Once the roots reach a sufficient length, the tree can then be moved and planted in the actual ground, where it continues to flourish as the design becomes more attractive.

Arbor-sculpture aka Instant Tree Shaping, Melbourne

What happens when your tree has matured, but you’d still like to try a hand in shaping it? This is where Arbor-sculpture comes in to save the day. Here, we bend mature trees or branches to make a particular design.

Remember that trees grow throughout their lives. It’s, therefore, never too late to practice tree shaping on yours. With the help of a cast to provide support and direction, it can take three or four years to yield the desired result.

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Note that this practice works on thin-barked trees that are easy to graft, flexible, and grow vigorously. Not all trees are suitable for tree shaping in Melbourne. With advice from our arborists, you get to choose the best trees for shaping and select the best designs to complement your space. The best trees for shaping here include sycamore, birch, willow, Persian ironwood, and poplar.

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